About Us

I am a qualified gas engineer based in the UK and have been in the trade for many years.  I have published a successful book that is a training and revision guide for students in the field, to help them successfully complete the practical and written assessments when training to be a gas engineer.

I started this website with the aim of helping people with all sorts of issues they may face with home heating and energy efficiency.  We want to help with the struggles you face with heating bills, boiler breakdowns and saving money.

I want to bring you articles which will inform, engage and empower you so you have the confidence when undertaking a repair, negotiating a price or making a purchase. 

With qualified heating engineers contributing to get the most accurate information, I endeavour to help as much as possible.  I committed to helping you save money by reducing energy costs, informing of better practices when it comes to heating and showing ways to do things better.

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